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What are you doing with your data?
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Optimise content packaging and reduce overall content budgets.
Acquire the most relevant content for your customers.
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Ensuring the best possible experience for customers
Slide backgroundSlide thumbnail AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT
Sell advertising based on the audience you are really reaching not the airtime
you can sell.
Slide backgroundSlide thumbnail MULTI-PLATFORM ANALYTICS
Understand how consumer move from one device to another and compare
viewing behaviour.
Slide backgroundSlide thumbnail SUBSCRIBER MARKETING
Identify the best offer for each of your customers and reduce churn through
an improved customer experience.

Where are we going to store all this?

Our technology solutions enable TV service providers to capture, interpret, analyse, and act upon viewer data.

How can we integrate this data together?

We provide a single view of the customer across all platforms and services.

What does it all mean for you?

Our actionable data transforms strategic decision-making and informs everyday interactions with consumers.

Essential Questions

We work with operators to understand viewers through data with next generation audience measurement, quality of experience, and targeted advertising.

We have multiple global deployments,
with the following operators:

mtc tele2 telbo Amino mta

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